Welcome to Joy Chain (Pty) Ltd

Chain Manufacturer & Supplier

Joy Chain is a global chain manufacturer and supplier. We cater to several industries, manufacturing several types of chains. Our products are available to the whole of Africa and the rest of the world. Our head office is based in Germiston, with our manufacturing facilities in Pretoria.

Joy Chain manufactures many types of chain, our leading products we produce and supply is Conveyor Chain, Bucket Elevator Chain, Sprockets, Buckets and Slats. The primary industries we supply to are motor assembly factories, bottling and canning plants, cement industry, reclaimer applications and pulp and paper plants, however we can cater to several others.

Joy Chain is, in addition, a trusted designer and manufacturer of quality chain and accessories, satisfying all the demand for conveyor chains, bucket elevator chains, reclaimer chain, sprockets and buckets.

We market and supply our own chain and accessories, delivering top quality products directly from the manufacturer to the user. This ensures we are efficient and offer excellent customer service as well as competitive product pricing.

Conveyor Chain

Conveyor chains consist of rollers contained parallel to one another by constraining link plates. Each roller has a pin and bush on which the roller revolves on. These roller pins and bushes are hardened to allow movement under high pressure, and to ensure the chain will not buckle or break with the load carrying force. Read more here.

Bucket Elevator Chain

Bucket elevator chain is a specialised conveyor chain that sees use across various industries; these are installed on a vertically circulating chain. This chain is welded with K attachments and has smaller rollers for reduced weight. Read more here.

Elevator Buckets

Elevator buckets are specially designed containers, for use with bucket elevator chains, it is essential for bulk material handling. Buckets include a variety of uses across numerous industries. Steel buckets see usage in the motor assembly, bottling, canning and cement industries. Read more here.


Sprockets are wheels that contain teeth or cogs, these mesh with a chain, often a roller chain. Sprockets see a variety of uses in machinery, across various specialised industries. Read more here.