Drop forging is a process where heated metal is hammered into a die shape, the benefits of this kind of drop forged chain is reduced chances of voids, improved grain flow and micro structure and great strength and fatigue resistance.

An example of a Drop Forged Reclaimer Chain

Drop forged chain is usually used in bulk materials handling, for material such as grain, gravel and coal. These links are forged from alloy steel and are machined to fit required tolerances.

Primary applications are diamond, coal and gold mining, automotive plants, timber moving and other materials such as cement, sugar, asphalt, gravel and fertilizer.

Drop Forged Scraper Chain
R 100101101.6mm24mm10mm9mm36mm138mm14.25mm6mm•100000
R 100102101.6mm30mm14mm13mm36mm138mm14.25mm9mm•140000
R 100104142.0mm42mm20mm18.5mm50mm196mm25.40mm12.5mm•270000
R 100105142.0mm62mm30mm28mm50mm197mm25.40mm15mm•450000
R 3122x216.0mm64mm29mm26mm73mm293mm35.20mm19mm•600000