Elevator Buckets

Elevator buckets are specially designed containers, for use with bucket elevator chains, it is essential for bulk material handling. Buckets see a variety of uses across numerous industries. Joy Chain manufactures steel buckets for usage in the motor assembly, bottling, canning and cement industries, as well as buckets for reclaimers and pulp/paper plants.

Types of Bucket Elevator Chains

AA Digger Bucket

These buckets clear the path through the boot section of the elevator, removing excess material and reducing wear. These feature a thick reinforced lip, a long wearing digging edge and are resistant to impact and abrasion, ensuring a long life. Made from steel, it has a smooth surface for proper filling. The AA Digger Elevator Bucket designed for sand, glass, stone, shot blast, rock, concrete and other abrasive materials.

AA Welded Steel Bucket

Features a thick reinforced lip, this lip is for abrasion resistance, and is resistance to being warped by heavy or packed material. AA Welded Steel Buckets are designed for sand, glass and gravel.

AC Welded Steel Bucket

This bucket has a high front for a larger capacity and a hooded back for closer spacing. Generally used for cement, gypsum and other powder materials.

SC Welded Steel Bucket

Suitable for the heaviest materials, this bucket needs to be mounted on two chains, and is designed for super capacity elevators.

LF (Low Front) Continuous Welded Steel Bucket

Designed for use on inclined elevators, most suited to wet or fine materials.

MF (Medium Front) Continuous Welded Steel Bucket

Uses a continuous discharge for gentler handling, this makes it suitable for free glowing materials, or materials that need to be handled with more care.

HF (High Front) Continuous Welded Steel Bucket

Has a high front to carry a large quantity of materials, it is designed to reduce damage to materials it carries.

ACS Welded Steel Bucket

This bucket has a 7 piece construction, consisting of end plates, a body, interior braces and bearing plate, end caps are welded to the body. Suited to handling abrasive materials, such as cement and aggregate.

Century Bucket

Century buckets are made from welded sheet steel; these are shaped to discharge sticky materials easily.

Style DH Continuous Bucket

This bucket is used for materials that clump easily, mainly fine powders. It has a steep lip that allows material to slide out faster when discharging. There is a filler in the bottom of the bucket to prevent clogging.

Style D Continuous Bucket

This bucket is used for stone, sand, coal, gravel and other similar materials. This bucket is made up of two pieces, with the ends and back is formed from a single piece and the bottom panel welded through the flange.