Sprockets are wheels that contain teeth or cogs that mesh with a chain, often a roller chain. Sprockets see a variety of uses in machinery, across several industries. Our sprockets are manufactured on a per order basis, specific to your applications.

Types of Sprockets

Roller Double Pitch Sprocket

These sprockets are used with conveyor chains, both for small or large diameter chains. This sprocket is used where torque requirements are low and long service life is important.

Multi-Strand Sprocket

These sprockets are used where higher torques and power requirements are needed. The spacing between teeth matches the centre-line of the chains.

Steel Split Sprocket

These sprockets have a slit through the diameter of the sprocket, the halves are held together with bolts, this allows for ease of installation and removal.

Double Single Sprocket

Used in applications where two or more items are powered by a drive shaft, space between the plates is wider than the multi-strand sprocket. It allows two separate chains to cycle without contact with each other. These chains can exit in different directions from each other.

Idler Sprocket

Used when the chain might experience slack for various reasons, such as long length, unable to be adjusted or where the chain must be guided around obstructions. This sprocket prevents chain whipping and uneven load distribution.

TL Taper Bushed Metric Sprocket

Manufactured in a variety of sizes, for single, double or triple chain, these are available in a variety of diameters for various speeds. These sprockets can be manufactured with hardened teeth, available on request.

Hub Type Metric Sprocket

These are typically fitted to shafts as a clearance fit, held in place by two set screws and a keyway, these are used for light loads and slow speeds.

Press fit is preferred for higher speeds and heavier loads, as these fit to the shaft more securely than the clearance fit sprocket. Press fits sometimes require the sprocket be heated for installation.

Plate Type Metric Sprocket

These are an economical option for single, double or triple strain chain, these allow for direct mounting to the hub or shaft. These can be welded or bolted on the hub, keeping equipment light weight.